Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Self Portrait: January

I started this year off with an extremely positive attitude and overwhelming ambition for 'betterment.' Maybe it was the extra vacation days, or all the cold medicine. I realized I was not in that search for a deeper meaning of how to be a better me, but doing a few things better to make life simpler. I defined some goals for 2016 that 'bettered' some of my ongoing practices throughout 2015. The list wasn't long, or necessarily interesting or even tough, but looking at it now, it is important to me.

  • Better organization when it comes to my freelance work. Especially tracking hours and billing clients (every small business's least favorite thing). 
  • A better commitment to Fairview Place. Growing my felt flower following and spending time on this long lost blog I've regretfully abandoned.
  • Better communication. Work emails to birthdays, just being responsive and responsible to remember the importance of everyone and their time.
  • A better brand! Figuring out how Fairview Place fits into my growing freelance business. New logo, website and idea to the approach of a comprehensive design business.

Somehow I've ended up spending the whole month of January coordinating, prioritizing, researching and stalking social media for inspiration for my plan of attack. And what do I have to show for it? Lots of lists (of course). Lots of ideas, plans, fun projects, exciting freelance on the horizon, and rewarding blogs to come . . . including the return of my first Self Portrait of 2016 . . . days late. 'Betterment' first, 'timeliness' second.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mark Your Calendars!

We'll be having our first Pop Up Shop in more than a year on February 13, 2016.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, visit Kitsch where you can build your own bouquet for your Sweetie. We'll also have accessories, succulents and our newly painted flower cart. 

Noon to 3 p.m.
807 Shirley Ave., Norfolk, Virginia

Saturday, January 30, 2016

January Project Log

Finalized projects from this month. As you can see, no two designs are ever the same.

{vowbride.com  // 106-page print magazine // design, art director}

{CBDX 7th Annual Casino Night  //  young professionals group  // member & graphic design}

{American Classic Self Storage  //  location map for 11 regional locations //  graphic design & illustration}

{cloudstream.systems  // tech company in charlotte north carolina  //  logo design and flyer creation}

{Virginia Beach Convention Center  //  10th anniversary emblem, save the date and invite design}

No job is too big or too small.
If you have graphic design needs you'd like to talk about, shoot me an email here.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Dancing Feathers


Just for you on this blistery cold winter day.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Cheers to you, 2015.

This last year has brought a tremendous amount of joy, achievement and precious moments.

For starters, I turned 30 years old and celebrated with a snow storm, a stomach flu and an amazing dinner party with twenty-some of my closest friends.

Mike and I took our first trip abroad together (his first ever!). We took in the gorgeous sites and delicious dishes of Venice, Bologna, Rome, Florence and Siena. Plus we were able to spend a few days with my bestie in Madrid, exploring her turf and meeting new friends.

I made the tough decision of leaving my Divaris family, yet took on several more freelance clients, the spectacular endeavor of Art Director of Vow Bride magazine and, if that wasn't enough, a challenging design position at the Virginia Zoo. Those undertakings, plus a very encouraging boss granted me the Top Forty Under 40 award, presented by Inside Business.

Scattered between all of that were roadtrips, weddings, my first (and last) 10k race, new pals and mentors, two dear friends got engaged, several more got pregnant! I've worked harder than hard, played aggressively and never regretted a second.

Hands down the best moment of the last 365 days? Saying 'I do.' Here is to our first year of marriage, the first year of just a few firsts for us as husband and wife. Let's see what we can get into in 2016.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Plant Adventures Abroad

It's only been five months since our Honeymoon, but with all this extra time on my hands these days (ha), I figured it's about time I post some photos from our trip. This first photographic adventure is dedicated to my dear friend of Glass Gardens. He has traveled down many of the plant roads, but I think I found a few stops from our trip that would certainly impress him. From sidewalks to retail shops, the botanical scene wasn't easy to miss. Here we go!

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither were some of these magnificent ivy walls. From top left, shrubs and bushes in terra cotta pots to make an "alley" into an apartment building (Rome); hotel covered in Ivy (Rome); flowers in barrels to create a wall between a restaurant and a street (Bologna); ivy having from powers lines (Rome).

City shops and residents made up for the lack of green space by adding it to their entryways. Left, garland and hanging baskets (Venice); Right middle, herbs planted in wooden boxes adhered to entrance gate (Madrid); ivy and herbs scattered throughout a wire hanging plant box (Florence); Right bottom, shrub-looking plant trained to grow over a door (Siena).

There were an abundance of florists and markets to do your flower shopping. From top left, everything shop (Florence); florist shop (Bologna); florist shop (Bologna); open-air street market (Florence).

I couldn't count the number of times I tripped or stumbled - and not because of the delicious wine OR uneven cobblestones - because of the beauty you'd miss if you weren't looking UP. From top left, stunning purple fence box gardens (Rome); terrace gardening (Siena); waterfront gardening (Venice); covering ugly, barred windows with plants (Madrid); window gardening (Venice).

Plants in retail. From top left, cactus in glass houses; cactus in bird cages (Rome); crates on wheels for easy shopping at a market - with plants (Madrid); hanging plants and bicycles from the ceiling in Toma (Madrid)

More plants in retail. Left, hanging spider plant baskets INSIDE a food market (Madrid); Right top, clover plants in miniature pots (Rome); Right bottom, unique head pots with ferns and herbs (Rome).

A few curious plants. From Top left, algae and seaweed on steps leading into the Grand Canal (Venice); a giant plant fountain island in the Vatican (Vatican City); miniature green house at a botanical garden (Florence).

Monday, September 7, 2015

Well, it proved to be yet another intensely busy Summer. However, when people ask me how my Summer was, or what I did, I seem to draw a blank. I guess this is my answer.
  1. Tassel banners
  2. New hair clips
  3. Inspiration photos
  4. Relax
  5. FREEBIE: Tides Game
  6. Pop Up Shop
  7. Succulent Brooches
  8. Terrarium kits
  9. Stuffed pretzels
  10. Hang with a babe
  11. New 'do
  12. Craft kits
  13. Eat waffles
  14. New hummus
  15. Catalog gift bags
  16. Organize
  17. Celebrate a birthday
  18. Outdoor lights
  19. Wear a hat
  20. Volunteer
  21. Zekes Beans & Bowls
  22. Fantasy Fest
  23. New beer
  24. The Plot
  25. Cotton Candy
  26. Floral headpiece
  27. Wedding book
  28. Walk a new hood
  29. FREEBIE: Crabcakes
  30. Italy photos
  31. Send care package
  32. Cocktail napkins
  33. Help a friend
  34. Write an article
  35. Beach
  36. VOW
  37. Exercise
  38. Toast
  39. Cocktail sticks
  40. Garlic plate
  41. Bike rides
  42. Smoothie
  43. Play chess
  44. Grill
  45. Date night
  46. Attend speaker
  47. Homemade goldfish
  48. Write newsletter
  49. Golf
  50. Drink Tinto with Emily
  51. Kiss
  52. Freelance
  53. BFF time
  54. Cutout cookies
  55. Replant African Violet
  56. Chrysler Museum
  58. Color
  59. Lock on bridge
  60. Library card
  61. FREEBIE: Diner en Blanc
  62. Bake a pie
  63. Girls night
  64. Invite friends for dinner
  65. Hot dogs
  66. Animal bust
  67. Pet a dog
  68. Selfie
  69. Paint toenails
  70. Crossword puzzle
  71. Governor's School
  72. Brewery
  73. Drinks on a deck
  74. Glass Gardens stamp
  75. Photo shoot
  76. Porch planters
  77. Sandwiches
  78. Flower cart
  79. DIY Noise Makers
  80. A to Z Norfolk
  81. Write a love letter
  82. Engagement book
  83. Glass Gardens buttons
  84. Go thrifting
  85. Felt corsage
  86. FREEBIE: National Donut Day
  87. Finish old projects
  88. Purge and donate
  89. Dirt pudding
  90. Drink more water
  91. New glasses
  92. Vermouth