Sunday, April 24, 2016

Crafted at O'Connor Brewing

This year, Crafted added a Spring show to its lineup. I was pretty excited since I haven't participated in a big show since the very first Crafted - 2.5 years ago! There was no shortage of people that's for sure. However there were a shortage of buyers - for me at least. Not sure if people didn't have a reason to shop, or felt flowers weren't on their 'must-haves' list, but it wasn't my best show. I did get to see a lot of old and new friends, bought a beautiful new necklace and drank some delicious I really can't ask for more than that!

debut of con'FELT'i, an idea from the hubs after seeing my clippings all over the house.

brooches and hair clips are always my best sellers. this year i added several different back options,
so the brooches are very versatile.

also the debut of mini flower clothes pins. cute for hanging photos, attaching cards or organizing paperwork.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April Project Log

The biggest, and most exciting project of the month was a Zoo-related job. Many people know the Virginia Zoo said farewell to its two African elephants, Lisa and Cita. While there were many differing opinions on the best outcome for the girls, ultimately the decision was made to send them to Zoo Miami. There, they can live out their retirement years with new friends who offer a better socialization atmosphere, plus the girls will spend more time outside in the warmer climate.

Through this process I was able to learn so much, not just about these gorgeous creatures, but about the bonds they have built with our staff, community and beyond. It was bitter sweet to see the outpour of admirers throughout the farewell festivities, which included a 27-foot, bamboo heart enrichment created by the Zoo's Horticulture department (above).

I am truly proud of everything the staff pulled together for this tremendous celebration. A few of the things I contributed to were the above 15'x5' banner with thousands of signatures from Virginia Zoo visitors (this was actually the second banner, the first one - 10'x3' - was filled within two days!). Below was a large infographic I created for the exhibit space. It explains a little about our elephants, Lisa and Cita and why Zoo Miami was the right choice. Plus it also explores the next phase for the exhibit space in Africa, which will be White rhinos.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Lantern Asia

None of the whispers or photos of Lantern Asia could do it justice. Norfolk never ceases to surprise and delight me with the imaginative, beautiful and special spectacles.

Happy Birthday Deb!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

I was thrilled with the way these Easter vignettes turned out for Table Seven Antiques. This gorgeous shop in Ghent has been a client of mine for years and lucky for me has turned into a wonderful friendship as well. The backdrop for these photos is a late 1800's bread board. Stunning, right? Just take a few minutes to look around and there are photo backdrops everywhere!

We featured themed basket ideas the week leading up to Easter and it was a big hit.

. . . for the craft cocktails lover

. . . making Good Friday great

. . . basket essentials

. . . for the manly man

. . . for the foodie

. . . must have basket sweets

Thursday, March 24, 2016

March Self Portrait

I'm not sure how I stumbled upon the #marchmeetthemaker challenge, but I am pretty proud of the outcome of what a few extra minutes each morning can produce.

I won't bore you with the detailed explanations of all the photos, but if you insist...then check them out at Instagram. I will say I have two favorites of this exercise. Second row/photo five, Third row/photo one. These two best sum up who and what fairview place is - a beautiful mess. Haha, I'm only slightly joking. It's easy to get caught up in the photos of perfectly manicured studio spaces, cute storage essentials, gorgeous product shots and so on. How a person can create such beautiful things and not make a complete mess? I find it completely refreshing to bring out my boxes of findings, a pile of felt and a glue gun and have half the room torn apart in a matter of minutes (I would imagine that the hubs feels completely refreshed when it's all put away at the end of the night ;).  So, moral of the story? Quit obsessing over the perfect photos and do what comes naturally!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Poster Board to the Rescue!

Today's #MarchMeetTheMaker is photography, which I thought was a great theme. Product photography is something I've struggled with for years. I had the good fortune to befriend many photographers in college who taught me about composition and editing, and I like to believe I have somewhat a good eye . . . but in the world of products? I have no clue!

So, recently I invested a few bucks in a couple sheets of poster board and I've been making photo studios all around my house. I've also been making use of some nice natural textures, like our wood floors, seats of our dining room chairs and various trays (see below). Of course, the only catch is you need natural light and to be in the right room at the right time. But, I think I'm finally getting a hang of it. 

after photo here
Our guest room is painted yellow. That plus the morning sun bouncing off the neighbor's white siding is a perfect concoction for nice photos.

after photo here
One of my go-to's is the landing for the back entrance to our house. Looks a little shady - and is definitely cold in the winter, but it does the trick every time. As long as the dryer isn't on ;)

after photos here, here and here. oh and here!

This trusty bamboo gift came from our wedding registry, but I think it's been used in more fairview place photo shoots and brooch transporting than for kitchen needs.

after photo here

My favorite chair was the scene recently when I caught some innocent light coming in our living room very early one morning before work.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

New Brand!

I've decided it is time to focus on fairview place. Hopefully that's been a little obvious already. Everything just needed a face lift, cleaned up and simplified. I needed to give the brand the attention it deserves. So, I give you the new logo.

And the new emblem.

Although the paint chip business cards were a huge hit, I just received my new cards and postcards in the mail. Previously I had designed, printed, cut and assembled all my marketing materials. While it was cute, it was also very time - and space - consuming. I'm simplifying by using my business card as my tag, and possibly the postcard in some tagging fashion as well.

The next big step is to get the Etsy shop back up and running. I've made my photographing process very straightforward and am working on launching later this month with a small collection of my best sellers. 

So, some really exciting stuff going on around the shop. I hope you'll stick with me along this inspiring journey!