Monday, September 29, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

I've been getting these emails in my inbox for a couple years now, but have never really thought about doing them. Although, my lack of blogging over the last month has pitiful and figured I should get back at it with something. So here goes.

10 Things You Stress About that You Didn't Stress About 10, 15 or 20 years ago.

1. Taxes. Having your own business can be so rewarding. Trying to figure out sales taxes will make you feel like an idiot.

2. Yardwork. How is it we have the ugliest yard in the neighborhood and we worked so hard this Spring on it?

3. Eating well.

4. Accomplishing Goals. Both personal and professional.

5. Caffeine. When did this become a necessity in my life? I hate that I'm so dependent on it, considering three years ago I couldn't the taste of it!

6. Spiders in our house! Why? Just tell me why they have to be IN the house.

7. Having babies.

8. Monday mornings.

9. How quickly time flies by. And it just keeps getting worse with every year. I can't believe I'm just months away from turning 30. Feels like just yesterday I was graduating college and moving to Virginia.

10. Staying true to myself.

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92 Days of Summer Wrap-up

Another year down. I was well on my way to completely the entire list, until life got in the way. August was more busy than normal this year and this list just fell by the way side. But, with four left unchecked, I'm still feeling pretty good. Except about the taxes one... 

2. Do Taxes
3. DIY Necklaces
37. Monthly Self Portraits: June, July, August
39. Coconut Truffles - I actually did this and forgot the made-up recipe I used...
and forgot to take a photo!
49. Play Tennis
52. Wave a Flag