Monday, June 30, 2014

June Self Portrait

It's amazing the amount of stuff we accumulate. We have been in our home just more than a year now and I am dumbfounded at how we've been able to fill pretty much every nook and cranny in our 1,400-square-foot condo. I'll admit, a lot of this stuff is mine. However, I do own a business that requires a lot of closet, drawer and/or room space. And I'm just a flat out pack rat. I take after my dad, what can I say? One thing I do not hoard is toiletries. It actually annoys me to have so many products, why do we need six bottles lotion? Why must we have two shoe boxes full of pills and empty pill bottles? Why do we own two cans of shaving cream when we don't even use it!? I found pills that expired in 2007 and the meds I purchased in Thailand (in 2011)! I've always had the mentality, "we have room, why not buy extra? or hang onto it for just a little longer." Not anymore! I pitched quite a few pounds of toiletries and I'm sticking to my mantra of only buying what we need and what works.

Let's see how the fiance deals with that.

#51: Organize closets, you're off the list!

I'm participating in the 92 Days of Summer challenge. Click here to read all about it and here to a see a gallery of pictures of everyone participating.