Monday, June 30, 2014

#18: Oil Pulling

I read this blogspot about Oil Pulling months ago and added it to my 92 Days board on Pinterest. I've never been one for trendy diets or health fads, but this one had me intrigued. The benefits include whitening and strengthening teeth, gums and jaw, preventing cavities and gingivitis, banishing bad breath, relieves headaches and hangovers, helps you sleep better, clears sinuses and detoxifies the body. While I don't have normal issues with headaches, hangovers or sinuses, I figured the other areas could all use some help. Plus, I can't use whitening strips for more than a day or two without my gums being in pain.

So I bought a jar of the Organic Refined coconut oil at the grocery and let the jar sit in the cabinet for a week. I did some research on any possible side effects or cons to doing it, but really couldn't find any. I was a little nervous about this process and "swishing" for 20 minutes, but after a week of successfully Oil Pulling, I'm totally a fan. And like the blog said, 20 minutes just breezes by (except the first day, that was hard).

Here are a few things that I've found work (and don't) for me:
1) Start with just a teaspoon of the oil. You can work up to more if you want, but not necessary.
2) Aim for 20 minutes your first day, but be happy if you can make it to 10.
3) I like to do it in the morning for a couple reasons. They say that's when your mouth is full of the most bacteria so it's best to pull it out. It's also my quiet time. No noise or anyone to talk to. I also then drink a glass of water and brush my teeth and am done with the routine for the morning.
4) I was trying to multi-task by showering and doing my normal routine. Let's just say I had more success when I was sitting and concentrating on one task.

My teeth seem whiter and breath seems fresher longer. Not sure on the other benefits, but I suppose time will tell.

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