Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Self Portrait: January

This is slightly reminiscent of last year's January portrait.
See, it does snow on my birthday every year!

I never really set a New Year's Resolution. I can't remember the last time I set and kept one. Instead, I like to just make a crazy long list of stuff in my mind with some overall goals for the year.

Work.  The biggest goal for me this year is to take on the jobs, projects and clients I'm really excited about. Because I work full-time, I need to let myself say no to the jobs that just don't interest me. I'm only home (and awake) six hours a day during the week, so I'm allowed to think my time is valuable and reserved for the cream of the crop.

Cook.  I want to make delicious, wholesome meals. I want to become a crock pot queen, eat leftovers, be excited to bring my lunch to work and try lots of new dishes that won't break the bank. I also want to not worry about taking pictures of the final product and just enjoy the moment.

Make More and Spend Less.  I am so excited for this year's crafty projects, however, I want to concentrate on not buying any more stuff until I use what I have. In the short time we've lived in our house, I have already filled an entire craft room! I do use the majority of it, with the exception of the fabric, but even that will change this year.

Enjoy Everything.  Life is good and I want to indulge in all the wonderful things in my neighborhood, people in my life and opportunities presented to me.

Take Great Care. Although I am young, I'm not the 23-year-old I was when I started blogging years ago. My body is changing and I need to pay attention and take care of it. Get back to running and yoga, drink in moderation and heal my aches and pains.