Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Year of Portraits

I say it every year, and will probably continue to say it for the rest of my life, but this year absolutely flown by. I was involved in so many projects, activities and functions, looking back, I'm not sure when I had time to sleep! This month was no different. I'm in the process of designing the final report for Norfolk's November Better Block. I'm continuing my work with Table Seven, The Downtown 100, a couple consignment relationships and today marks the last day of the Pop Up Shop (one project I have not even mentioned to you yet!). 

It hasn't been an easy month. Actually, it's been grueling. I've been torn between being that 9-5 young professional, the hopeful entrepreneur, an eager community activist and the yearning family girl. Where does your allegiance lie? And how do you decide? For so long, I've decided not to decide and indulge in every opportunity possible. Thankfully, my method of madness hasn't proven me wrong. I've had so many wonderful moments in 2013 and have been extremely lucky to have such a great support group behind me. I'm not sure when I'll decide to decide, or maybe I will never have to. But for now it's just me and the Shop, for one more day.

Here's a look back at 2013.


Monday, December 30, 2013

Favorite Projects of 2013

It's been a great crafty year! I wanted to highlight some of my favorites from 2013, in no particular order :)

Bringing back the Felt Brooches, in all seasons. They were a huge hit with the customers this year and I have so much fun making them!

Norfolk's first Better Block, held in April. I met my good friend John Wharton and his wife Patricia - along with tons of other amazing people in the arts community. We opened our first Pop Up Shop and had a fantastic weekend running the show.

Thomas' Smash the Cake session in June. It really tested me as a(n amateur) photographer, working with babies isn't easy...but it's fun!

A year of felt food, which included nachos, donuts, salads, pita sandwiches, caramel apples, mini cupcakes, cheese wheels, blueberries and a custom-made horse food set. The horse set was my favorite, by far!

Another successful 92 Days of Summer...is it bad I'm already planning for 2014?

My felt flowers have been a long time coming and while they are still taking a while to become a big seller, I think 2014 has much more in store. 

Custom-designed wedding invitations a very awesome couple.

Refinished China hutch, a nice thrifty before and after. 

A second opportunity with Better Block, this time strictly on the design and marketing side of things. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


While meandering around Asheville, we stumbled upon Flora. It reminds me a lot of Studio Posy, here in Norfolk, but a bit bigger. The Asheville shop is a full service florist that does weddings and everyday bouquets, but also offers gifts, such as jewelry, cards and decor.

The shop is just gorgeous! I love the clean and simple, yet rustic feel of the space. There is a lot of stuff to look at, but it doesn't feel cluttered at all. All the furniture seems antique or vintage, but since it has all be painted white and weathered it matches so well. Not to mention the great use of chalkboards (and painted drawers and doors to make chalkboards) within some of the display pieces.

I was immediately texting Glass Gardens with lots of ideas for new creations, including these cutie egg succulents. Haven't heard the verdict if it's worth all the trouble of carefully breaking eggs to create the "pot", or what you do with the leftover eggs...?

I love this idea of "Build A Bouquet"! I think it would be a fun addition to my felt flowers for a craft show, pop-up or even an idea for a class. I didn't find out if those prices are per stem...if so that's a pretty expensive bouquet - but great for sales :). If you're in the Asheville area, be sure to check out this gem. It's on your way to the Riverwalk Arts District, so you can't miss it!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


We have been talking about going to Asheville for years. Finally, this year we made it happen! We left on Thanksgiving afternoon, made a pit stop in Charlotte, then spent the rest of the weekend shopping, eating and visiting the eclectic city. Of course, my favorite part was the gorgeous Biltmore Estates! The mansion was decorated for Christmas and it totally put me in the mood for the holiday season. I also really enjoyed being in a new city with such a booming arts vibe, lots of local establishments and exploring with my favorite boy. I have lots more to share about all the inspiration I found within the city, but that'll come next!

Battery Park Book Exchange. A shop full of books and lots of spaces to relax with some bubbly.

Carmel's Restaurant with a fantastic fried green tomato and cheese sandwich, with a hefty beer flight as well.

The Grove Arcade, reminds me so much of the Seldon & Montecello Arcades in Norfolk.

Gingerbread decorating competition.

Inside the Arcade

The Biltmore

Statues by the reflecting ponds

The Conservatory

Love that door with the wreath on it! And all the Christmas Cacti!

Airplants in a wreath!

Found this cutie among the poinsettias. 

The Grove Park Inn, which we'll be staying in next time.

Riverwalk Artist Gallery

Monday, November 11, 2013

Friday, November 8, 2013

Better Block: Round 2

Better Block is happening again! This time on 35th Street and Newport Avenue, and it's the biggest event to date with 12 pop-up shops, seven food vendors, three parklets, food trucks, outdoor (and indoor) stages and so much more. Fairview Place isn't popping up this time, but my partner-in-crime Glass Gardens is, along with Intelligent Lushes and By TAlyse. I was super excited to have the chance to design another map for the event. Colley Avenue Printers donated the printing and they look fabulous! All the festivities begin tonight at 5 p.m., better see you there!