Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Self Portrait: March

Yes, I know it's long overdue. It's not March anymore, in fact we're 10 days into April and I'm just now posting my March portrait. But honestly, I took some cheesy photo last month because I was in a hurry and could have written about some non-meaningful story. Instead, I decided to wait until our annual Spring camping trip. I always look forward to these trips for many reasons. The exercise, the friends, the fresh air, the ability to clear my mind and relax. And this time I needed it more than ever.

I read an article last week from the retiring AltDaily Editor that said "Dive into Yourself." That means something different for each person. For me, for the past six weeks since my last self portrait, it means stretching my limits and crossing my boundaries. I've spent countless hours driving to estate sales. I've attended a half dozen coffee dates meeting loads of new people. I designed a "neighborhood map" which the city and Better Block has backed and will be printing for the this weekend's event. I've built a website. I had a 9-inch needle hammered into my thigh. I took a marketing class. I refinished furniture and sorted through 1,000 pounds of crafting materials. I went camping and hiked 12 miles. I'm not listing this to brag, but to simply say: I dove Head First into myself.

I'm exhausted. Drained. Pooped (as my Grandma always said). But I have never felt so great.