Thursday, April 11, 2013

Better Block: Day 2

I got to the shop promptly at 5 yesterday and got right to work. You could not imagine my deep gratitude for the people who have shown up to volunteer. Immediately, Tina, Ari and Terri got to painting on the wooden pallets John and I planned on using for tables. My friends Susie and Cali worked on folding maps and some decor for the shop. 

We weren't exactly sure how to assemble the tables, but the guys from Better Block assured us they would deliver wood for legs...and sure enough, they did! Chris and Bob put together four large pallet tables and a coffee table made from an old window frame (Mom - can you believe I'm still holding onto this thing??) in less than an hour! They came together so well, I'm hoping they have enough passion to put together a couch tonight! 

I am absolutely obsessed with this wreath my friend Cali made from newspapers  (left). It was a pinterest find, and although it took her 2 hours to make it was definitely worth it (although she may not agree, haha). On the right is our sandwich board display for the sidewalk.

Tonight is the big night. We have lots of people stopping by to lend a hand setting up, painting, folding maps and whatever other odd jobs we can find. Wish us luck, tomorrow is the big day!