Friday, April 12, 2013

Better Block: Day 3

All the street lights are the god-awful orange color.

Today is the big day! I've been luckily enough to have a flexible schedule with work all week, working 7:30-4:30 and today I'm taking a half day to finish up around our shop and help with the outdoor space. The weather is looking a little foul for this afternoon, and it sounds really windy out right now, but fingers crossed it'll all clear up by 5 p.m. 

Gotta love the pizza box, it's like a real kitchen!

I'd say our biggest change for the day was the addition of our pallet couch by Mike and Ryan. Didn't they do a fantastic job?! You'd think they were professionals, but in fact, they aren't. Haha, the duo made up their design as they went along. Since there were a few random nails and the wood is so rough, I covered the bench with table cloths my sister sent me from India. We're getting pillows from a local crafter today to throw along the back. 

My friend Alli tackled the pattern wall project. We were kiiiiiinda told not to use nails, but after discovering those 3M hooks weren't cutting it we put a few holes in the wall and covered up the fact with some an awesome display.

John's display is looking amazing. I love how it feels like you've stepped outside into your garden with his homemade gardening bench (he did it himself - with pallets!) and tree stump grape vine display. His terrariums and air plant creations are so unique, people are already getting sucked into the store by their appearance.

 At one point later in the night we heard this loud (like, really loud) music coming from a few doors down. I popped my head into the Texaco Building, which will house O'Connor Brewing, an arcade, outdoor games and music, and they had a full on concert-style sound system going. It sounded amazing! Anyone volunteering to fill in for me while I get my dance on?? Hahah.

The Better Block opens tonight at 5 p.m. I'm sure you've already scouted out where to park and have a pocket full of cash ready to spend at 765 Granby Street :). Stop by and say Hello to us, we can't wait to meet you!