Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Better Block: Day 1

photo by Steve Earley | The Virginian-Pilot
Ta-Da! The Better Block space! I know it doesn't seem like much now, but we have big plans in store. Luckily the space didn't need too much work, since the front walls are already painted. The rest of the building is basically off limits due to a leak in the ceiling and broken glass in the loft windows. Last night we made a floor plan that includes a craft library and tons of pallet furniture. My friend Susie hung the Christmas lights and the lit the place so nicely! We swept the floors and tore down some of the ceiling (and swept the floors again).

the back of the space which will be hidden by fabric partition
boards donated for the weekend by EcoTrends

The Virginian-Pilot has been giving the project a ton of great coverage in the newspaper. You can see the articles here and here. My pop-up business partner, John from Glass Gardens, was interviewed over at NorfolkLive. It's a great feeling to have such an awesome community spirit behind this very involved project.

The ceiling was dangling in the window and what kind
of display could we make with that in the way?
It had to go. Thanks for the help, Jen :)

We were able to move in John's collection of junk (and I say that as lovingly as possible), which we will use for displays and tables. Tonight is going to show a huge transformation. We're building tables, bringing merch, painting and so much more...stay tuned!