Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Self Portrait: July

Here I am. In motion. I get home from work, throw on some work clothes, haul out all the tools and get to work. This is how July has been (and June too, for that matter). Rushing through one job, just to move onto another. Some days I feel if I read another DIY blog or make another trip to Home Depot to have one of their employees say "You wanna do what...?" I may just explode. But, I wake up bright and early the next morning to log online and see the best approach for my next project.

I can't really complain at all. Mike and I have learned so much. We have done yard work, bug work, plumbing work, rearrange work and electrical work. He has become the master picture hanger. I have become a refinishing guru (kinda). The current project (above) is our biggest to date we're tackling together. We're refinishing an old buffet and china hutch to exactly match the new table (that looks old) we bought last month. Through a team effort, we're working our way through it. Stay tuned until next week when we reveal the finished product!