Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Musebles

#91: Farmer's Market
The past four days were packed full of Hampton Roads must-dos for my visiting parents. Lucky for me, there were also a lot of 92 Days items to cross off too. Here's a short preview of trip (including running the boardwalk, visiting Yorktown and Fairview Place's anniversary). We went to the Portsmouth Flea Market, which is in Olde Towne, the first Saturday of every month. Mike and I hit up this market a few years back and boy has it grown! I was so excited to see the entire first floor of the parking garage full of vendors with loads of people.

#49: P*Town Flea
We picked up a few small things for house (glass milk bottle, wire basket and some mint), while my Mom purchased a gorgeous windmill locket. The prices are pretty reasonable and most vendors were willing to haggle. I think we might have missed out on a nice iron piece for above the bed, but I'm not 100 percent bummed we didn't buy it.

I think it's a crime not to have been to Chick's Oyster Bar as a visitor! We corrected that on Sunday afternoon with lunch and the infamous Bloody Mary bar.

#36: Freebie: Drive a Convertible
I played chauffeur on Friday when I took my parents to Yorktown. Lucky for me, I got to drive their brand new VW Convertible! That is a treat I could definitely get used to. Although, I have to admit, driving with the top down through the tunnels was terrifying.

#58: Watch a Movie
Okay, I will admit Henry Cavill made this movie worth watching. All the doom, gloom and destruction that today's Superhero movies must include is really just not my thing. I needed more Superman flying through the air with Louis Lane in his arms :)

#84: Go for a Walk
I love that when my Mom comes to visit we stay so active. The first morning we woke up, drove down to the Oceanfront and ran the boardwalk. On Friday we walked around the neighborhood, gawking at the houses and getting ideas for my yard and future plan of adding a balcony to the front of the house.

And of course, plenty of time relaxing (#13) in the sunshine. I'm working on the healthy tan this Summer, and making a good habit of applying sunscreen before heading outdoors. So far, it's working!

 I'm participating in my third 92 Days of Summer challenge. Read about the project here.