Sunday, July 28, 2013

#89: Go to a Park

Shakespeare meets Harry Potter? Sign me up! I was really looking forward to this FestEvents-sponsored fantasy at Town Point Park all week. Both Friday and Saturday the weather was absolutely beautiful, but we had other plans, therefore, decided Sunday was our day. We packed up some beverages, a blanket and headed to our little date night in the park.

It started to sprinkle a little, so we did a mead tasting (our first time trying it). Hill Top Winery from Northern Virginia was quite delightful. The Hunter's Moon (pumpkin) and Dragon's Breath (super spicy) were my favorite.

FestEvents did a great job with the "mirth and merriment" festivities before the show. Omar's catered theme-appropriate food, we tried the sea cake (crab cake) and a sausage on a stick - the name wasn't too clever there.

Unfortunately, the rain came in to ruin our little date. The show was postponed and instead of waiting and getting soaked we packed up and headed home. All the reviews and photos from the previous evenings looked fabulous, so I'm hoping there will be a round two of Shakespeare in the Park and many more events just like this!

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