Saturday, June 1, 2013

92 Days of Summer Part III

Here we go again! This time around I had to be a little less ambitious since this Summer I'm not working from my home office I don't have as much free time. The list is still packed full fun, original and interesting items. This year, I'm also going to keep track of just how much this 92 Days of Summer is costing me. Gas costs to-and-from won't count, and some of the list items are a necessity (like throwing a party ;). 

I get to start off with a bang by crossing off #92: Buy a House. 

Mike and I officially closed yesterday, but we're moving in on Monday. We agreed to stay Norfolkians a little longer (which makes me SO VERY happy) and bought a condo in the West Ghent area. A full tour and more on the whole house-buying fiasco to come later. Oh, and I won't be including the cost of the house in tracking the 92 Days price, haha.

This is the third year for 92 Days of Summer. You can check out the previous years here and here.