Friday, June 28, 2013

Momentarily Obsessed With...

1)  quotes in pretty fonts.  Why? Because it's super easy artwork on a super small budget. Also because I love quotes and typography.

2) maps made into shapes.  Not into couple-y thing at the bottom, but it'd be a nice way to use that stack of old maps I have piling up in a box somewhere. And the loads of frames piling up in a different box somewhere...

3) mix and match summer outfits. It's super trendy to mix and match patterns right now. I wasn't really into it, until I saw this ensemble. Sign me up, I'm officially into it.

4) mix and match planters. Working toward this idea for our backyard. So far, I'm at three.

5) opal and diamonds. I am just enamored with this! There is a five-year anniversary coming up very soon...wink, wink!