Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Musebles

Whew, what a weekend! It started off pretty dreary with Tropical Storm Andrea lingering all Friday night. We got a bite to eat from Tortilla West, our new neighbor, and did a little online furniture shopping. Saturday morning we got up bright and early and hit the shops with a mission. Six hours later we were buying our first bedroom suit and dining room table. I'll be extremely delighted if I never have to step foot into Haynes Furniture or hear another acoustic rendition of Green Day's Good Riddance! It's being deliver on Friday, so it'll be set up by the time I get home from work (good news for me :).

I'm mentally planning our first meal on Friday night on this table - I realized I haven't had a dining room table in more than TWO years...yikes. We also bought this fantastic rug for our living room. I love the kinda oriental, kinda Moroccan, kinda funky feel of it. It's going to pull the room together perfectly (although our existing ottoman may have to relocate).

Do you know how hard it is to find a decent rake? I spent two hours driving around to different hardware stores to find a nice, old-fashioned, metal rake. Finally at our local Taylor-Do-It Center, we bought a normal one - which served us well for our three hours of yard work on Sunday afternoon. We bagged up three bags of leaves and debris from the front yard and have yet to bag up the dead leaves from the backyard. We still have to sweep and power wash the steps, weed the gravel patio space and then we get to the fun planting and gardening part!