Friday, June 14, 2013

#56 Tea Kettle Planter

I have a collection of items I've been lugging around since college. Scrapbooks, pottery, an old wicker chair...and this tea kettle. I remember waking up one morning my junior year of college to this leaking-water sound. I ran out to the kitchen and sure enough the ceiling was leaking water onto my gas oven. The tea kettle was the closest thing I could grab so it was my saving grace. After that, I never quite felt I could use it for tea since all that nasty ceiling water had been in it. However, I couldn't bring myself to get rid of it because it was my grandparents and they always used it camping. Jump seven years later....

When we were moving, I decided to pound some holes into the bottom of the kettle and make it a planter. This past weekend I transplanted my spiderwort or "Wandering Jew" plant into it and now sits on our stairwell to the back yard. Cute!

No. 56, done and done.

I'm participating in my third 92 Days of Summer challenge. Read about the project here.