Friday, July 19, 2013

Cork Stamps

Imagine this... A Martha Stewart project comes out NOTHING like it is supposed to be. That's the case with this adorable cork stamp DIY project she has on her site. Last night I had planned for a night of cork stamping, wine and lots of new cards for Saturday's Town Fair. After messing around with the corks for an hour, experimenting with ink pads, acrylic paint and cutting shapes into the corks I ended up with 5 printed tags and cards. The ink absorbed into the cork so the shapes were barely visible. Paint was definitely the wa to go, but you have to be careful to not use too much, and blot it a few times before stamping on your card. I don't have a variety of paint colors either, so my idea for the little fruits and veggie shapes went out the window.

This might be a project I'll take another stab at in the future. Or maybe not. Regardless, #3 is off the list!

I'm participating in the 92 Days of Summer challenge. Read about it here.