Friday, July 19, 2013

#11: Greenhouse


I have yet to find a greenhouse like the ones I grew up with in Ohio. The biggest difference is that back home, they are actually greenhouses. Here there might have a small greenhouse the size of a shed, but it's more like a park with mulched pathways. I understand that is because the climate is very different here, but there is nothing that says plant shopping like walking into that plastic box with that earthy smell and fans blowing around the hot, damp air. There would be hundreds of plants and flowers, a section for trees, a whole indoor store where you could buy planters and other garden accessories.

I won't say the garden shops I've been to recently are bad, because they aren't! Carter's, which is right in Ghent on 21st Street, is a fabulous place. Growing every year and reasonable prices. Eggleston Garden Center is very nice and they have a decent selection of shade plants. I stopped at Virginia Feed and Seed today during lunch and they have a good selection of unique planters (and randomly a huge collection of sports memorabilia).

I'm still in search of that one giant greenhouse, nursery or garden center, that's in the middle of nowhere with plants and trees abound. Can you tell me where this place exists?

#11 is off the list! I'm participating in the 92 Days of Summer challenge. Read about it here.