Monday, September 30, 2013

September Self Portrait

I don't know where the month of September went. I will say, it was filled with some super exciting times. My best friend in whole world spent seven days in Norfolk, retracing our old steps (and antics) of our once "Spring Chicken" days. My friend Doug got married and I reunited with many amazing friends. Mike turned the ripe age of 35 (can you believe I met him when he was in his 20s?) and looks more dashing than ever. Mike and I spent lots of time together and with family, which will be growing by one niece or nephew this Spring! My best out in Portland turned 30 YEARS OLD? Wait, what? I'm still in shock about this one! And while I took the month off from blogging, I was still close to the tube, finishing up Breaking Bad, Call the Midwife and starting a new love affair with Cheers (I'm about 75 percent sure I want to quit my day job to work at a bar - where everybody knows my name).

So, I guess that's where the month went... Before we know it, the holidays will be here and we'll be bundled up in our winter clothes. I'm so looking forward to our very first Halloween and Autumn in the new house (first time for trick-or-treaters, EVER). Sonia bought us a pumpkin on Saturday and it kick-started my Fall Fever. I'm going to attempt to slow down October, embrace my favorite time of year and enjoy the changing season in the new, home, sweet home.

PS. I will also point out I found my new beloved cheetah print shoes and mustard yellow cardigan while
at the outlet mall this weekend for $30 total! Score!