Thursday, September 26, 2013

Momentarily Obsessed With...

After my almost-month hiatus, I decided to come back with September's Momentarily Obsessed With... I have a high percentage of rings that I'm obsessed with this month, sorry, no significance to report :) I'm looking forward to Fall and all the lovely things that come with the season, the series finale of Breaking Bad and pumpkin beers in the fridge. Plus the following:

1. triangle diamond ring   Simply stunning. I'm usually not a huge fan the three stones, but the setting and style of this scream to me.

2. diamond message card   It's paper, it's a ring, and most importantly it's an old school honey comb, which my grandma had in every decoration imaginable! These fun cards come in a box and can be a present in itself, or attached to gifts at the tag. Precious.

3. morganite ring   Morganite is a form of beryl (like emerals and aquamarine), but in peachy, pink and violet hues. I love the chunky feel of the ring overall, but the pretty softness of the gem makes it perfectly girly.

4. cheetah flats   I've never been an animal print kind of girl. I had a see-through plastic cheetah purse in sixth grade (stop your snickering, it was totally cool!), and that's pretty much my extent of the exotic prints. Although, I've been recently digging the brown cheetah look and on shoes...why not?

5. cardigan   This happens to me all the time. I see an article of clothing at the store and think "Hmm, that's kinda cute." For whatever reason I talk myself out of buying it, then two days later I see someone wearing it like a rockstar and I'm panicking to find one. Mustard Yellow Cardigan, case in point.

6. pumpkin cake   I pinned the very second I saw it. Delicious and adorable (my two favorite things), but I was lacking in the bundt pan department. Until last weekend. I stopped at a random church sale in my neighborhood and found one for 75 cents! Pumpkin cake, here we come!