Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Self Portrait: January & Thoughts About Turning 28

28 was always that age I specifically thought about when I was in high school. Then, 28 was old. By then I’d be married. Possibly have a baby (or one on the way) – oh and definitely a dog. Definitely. I knew I’d never stay in Ohio, so California was my destination of choice. By 28, I’d surely be a Design Editor at a cool alternative newspaper, excel at my photography hobby and maybe sell some of my handmade purses on the side. I’d hope my sister and my best friend would be my neighbors and we’d plan our Summer vacations together.

The only thing that came true of my ideal 28-year-old-self (at age 17) was that I turned 28. There is no husband, no kids, no pets. I’m now an East Coast girl, not West Coast. I’ve been out of newspapers longer than I was in them and haven’t made a purse in years. My best friends live around the world and I’m not sure I’ll ever have ‘summer vacations.’

But, I wouldn’t trade anything for one second of the life that 18-year-old me envisioned. The boy and I are perfectly content as a twosome (for now :) and I’m happy to call the Virginia my home. I’m finally settling into my new 'Creative Director' career and felt food and repurposed vintage goods have found their way into my free time. I’ll admit, it is a bummer that my besties live so far away, but it gives me great opportunities to travel. Not-to-mention I’ve made some tremendous friends in my own backyard.

 So, hello 28. You're not a glimmer of what I would have imagine you'd be, but yet so much more.