Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January Cure

After completing our kitchen project I felt I needed to keep going through the apartment and fixing everything up. Since we rent, and I'm pretty sure we aren't going to get a budget every month for new projects, the rest is up to me. You may also be asking why do so much to a property you're just renting? Well, my boyfriend and I have been living in this 800 square-foot apartment for about a year-and-a-half and while I hope 2013 may take us to our very own abode, it may not. I want to be as content and comfortable in our cozy little space as possible, which is why I signed up for Apartment Therapy's January Cure.

It's a month-long home/apartment cleanse and declutter with daily tasks and inspiration from fellow bloggers. Today's task was to make a Projects List. Identify spots in your space that need some TLC (or just a good scrub), then highlight 3-5 items from each room to concentrate on. Here's what I've narrowed my list to:

Living Room:
Donate Magazines to Library
Sort through crate of pottery and find a home for it
Add family/friends photos to room
Reorganize buffet table

Clean ceiling fan
Refinish bookshelf
Get rid of stereo (that's ultimately up to Mike)
Clean closet floor

Dingy shower curtain
Cluttered drawers
Dusty shelves

Fix washer/dryer noise
Paint crown molding (ask Landlord to do)
Gas/carbon monoxide dector

Better organize and utilize space
Get rid of leftover kitchen remodeling stuff

Make better use of the space
Reorganize bookshelf
Get a new rug
Drop stuff off to Goodwill

You can follow along in the LiveBlog process here or signup to be apart of The Cure here.