Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Resolution

As I mentioned yesterday you’re going to start seeing a lot of new things happening around the blog – and shop! I’ll be starting a monthly self portrait (inspired by the lovely Gail Werner), color inspiration, current favs and contributing editors (very excited about this one!). I want to include lots more photography (that isn’t Instagram) and focus on a much more personal touch to my writing and articles.

My biggest resolution is to get and stay organized. It’s hard to get inspired when I come home from a long day to a messy work station. I need to establish a system for Fairview Place creations, finish to end. And make sure everything has a proper place, even if that means getting rid of some stuff. This resolution starts tomorrow with Apartment Therapy’s January Cure. For those of you who know me well, this is definitely going to be a challenge. But a healthy one.

As far as the shop goes, everything will trickle down to make the process easier, allowing for more crafting time. More felt food, like donuts, candy apples and mini cupcakes - to name a few. More greeting cards from vintage books, more felt wearables, button jewelry and who know what else will work itself out. 

Here's to another year of growing, learning, loving and crafting.