Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Valentines!

'365 Ways to Say "I Love You"' was a little treasure I found a few years back at Beacon Books. I thought it was a little overpriced at $5, but I couldn't haggle with Tommy, the owner of the dilapidated book shop. The little hardback book is filled of ways to profess your love to your husband in the most outlandish ways you could imagine, in a 1960s setting.

"Sharpen the pencils on his home desk."

"Buy yourself a sweatshirt and Magic Marker his name on the front and back."

"Be late on purpose and leave notes saying you're hurrying home to him."

"Find out the answers to those little bitty "trivia" questions he's been bugged about."

It's almost ironic I even own this book, but the illustrations are killer. And to think, women probably bought this book and achieved all 365 ways. Anyway, I've carried this book around with no particular reason in mind, until a two weeks ago.Valentine's Day cards! So, now you can find your very own vintage Valentines at Kitsch. There are only 6 packs of cards (4 cards per pack) and run $7.