Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Musebles

Walk and coffee date with Susie at Stella Cafe.
Can I just live in that coffee shop? I love it there.
How is it Monday already?! How is it January 14th already? I suppose when you keep your weekends packed to the brim with happy hours, sporting events, card games, crafting and cleaning you don't have time to realize where the time is going. No complaints here though. Best part of the weekend? Staying in on a Friday night to play card games with friends :)
We had to Google the rules to this (drinking) game...
and it was so worth it!
Flower stop at Norfolk Wholesale Floral. 4 sunflowers for $4
Chinese food for dinner on Sunday. We decided only one is really a fortune.

Finished up the order of 6 pasta sets and a pizza set.
Even added green peppers to the pizza slice...yum!