Monday, January 7, 2013

January Cure: Day 4

Take 10 minutes to critique a room. The room I picked? The office/closet.

This whole room is really problematic. It's because this is our only storage in the entire house, so everything just gets tossed in here - usually in a pile, on the floor. Before I got my 9 to 5 job, I spent about 97% of my time in this little room, so it was a constant source of anxiety. Even though I'm not spending as much time, it's still bothersome. Why can't it look neat, clean and cute (my desk excluded) all of the time?

I think by possibly rearranging the shelves and clothes rack we might be able to offer a lot more space for another shelving rack. I might be able to get my clothes off the ground. And maybe our things will have a designated space, instead of wherever they're thrown.

I definitely need to get rid of that ugly rug and replace it with something less busy and more neutral. Possibly look for a better storage solution next to my desk and fill up that outbox with 40% of this room!