Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Grandpa's Watch

I've been holding onto this watch for a couple of years now. Even though it's too big and doesn't tell time, I love it. And find myself wearing it quite often. I always wonder exactly what "Thursday the 15th" it stopped working. Was it 6:20 in the morning or evening (date and time of when I originally got it)? Did my Grandpa pick out this watch? Was it a gift? I suppose I could figure out what Thursday that was, but as for the other questions, I'll never know.

I recently decided I wanted it fixed and suggested to Mike that be my birthday present. Three links out and a new battery, how easy of a birthday present is that? I knew he was going yesterday to the watch store so you can imagine my excitement to come home yesterday and see my brand new working heirloom. Right? Wrong. Turns out the watch is broken and a new battery won't do the trick. There is some mechanical issue that'll cost - get this - about $250! I was a little surprised how sad I felt when I heard that, but am positive my Grandpa never would have paid that much for a working watch to begin with. So, it'll remain my non-working mens watch, but at least now it fits!