Sunday, January 13, 2013

January Cure: Week 2

This week was a particularily productive week around the house, although most of the doing happened on the weekend. Midweek, we were tasked with picking some art to frame in our house. Our walls are pretty much covered, so another piece of art really isn't an option. I have wanted to print family pictures to have around the house for a long time, so I took that as my framing art chore. We had all the frames in storage, so I got them out and dusted them off. I spent $6 in printing the photos and an hour washing, positioning and staging.

A big thanks to him - he gave up most of his Sunday to
help me clean and purge the closet. Why?
"Whatever makes the Babes happy," he says :)

For the weekend, we were given the kitchen to clean. Since our kitchen is brand spanking new, we haven't had time to gather too much crud. However, the microwave needed a good scrub and I threw out some old food containers in the fridge and cleaned the oven. I went to buy flowers from my beloved Norfolk Wholesale Floral, but was too late to grab any fancy bouquets. Instead, I grabbed a few sunflowers (only $1 each) and added them to my existing flowers.

The biggest task of the week for us was to pick a room (or a big task off the list). We went with the office. I had brainstormed about moving the clothes rack and adding an extra shelving unit, but because of certain measurements we weren't sure if everything was going to fit. Sure enough, it did! We only spent $50 in the process and it feels like we have an entirely new room. My apologies - I know, I still have a huge mess on my desk, but I'm in the middle of a big order!! I still want to look for a new rug and organize my craft stuff a little better, but we're already so impressed with what $50 and a little idea can do.