Thursday, February 28, 2013

Self Portrait: February

Sometimes you need a night of dressing up. You need to break out the dark eye shadows, the red hot lipstick. You need to paint your nails. Taking a 20 minute shower doesn't seem absurd, but necessary, and spending longer than 5 minutes on your hair makes you feel like a Princess.

Why though? Why does piling on a pound of makeup and a gallon of hairspray make you feel good? And wearing a short, strapless dress in the dead of winter make you feel fabulous? I think it's just a matter of seeing yourself in a different light. All week long it's the same get-ready routine for me. Rush to shower. Dab on some makeup. Struggle around for a work appropriate outfit. Ponytail the hair. Done in 30 minutes and on to the next thing. Most evenings I come home and immediately peel away the 9-5 attire and lounge around in a XL sweatshirt and leggings. I think you can see the lack of fabulousness coming into play here.

Last weekend when I was getting ready for our Casino Night I decided to take my sweet ass time. I painted my nails and took a nap. I played with my hair and fixed my makeup to perfection(ish). I did all the girly things I possibly could, then took five minutes to slip into a bright pink dress and heels. Maybe I didn't look like a Princess, but the smile Mike gave me as I walked out of the bedroom made me feel fabulous - and that's all I could ask for.