Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thrifty Thursday Part 2

I mentioned my obsession with vintage cookbooks in this month's Momentarily Obsessed With... I wasn't lying. The book names, the illustrations and the photos is entertaining alone. But if you go through and actually look at the recipes (perhaps be really adventurous and make a few) you're certainly in for a treat.

It's a delight when I find a written note in on the cover of the book. Funny how "Mrs. Ellis's husband" did a great job at work so she gets a cookbook? I suppose to make him hearty meals to keep him strong at work? Haha.

This gem I found at an estate sale a few months back. I haven't been able to cut it up quite yet, but it's going to make some fabulous cards when I do!

The cookbook on the right is actually a compilation of recipes from the local infamous Strawberry Festival that's held at the beginning of every Summer out in Pungo. This particular book is from 1976, the strawberry is glued on the cover :)