Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Musebles

Sundays used to be sort of a drag. It's like the last hours of the weekend just whiz right by. However, since Mike started his Winter whiffle ball league (Sunday mornings) I find myself not dreading the day so much. We've been getting up earlier and being productive, then spend the afternoons with his family. I offered to make dinner for the five of us and finally decided to try out my new crock pot with a pulled BBQ pork recipe. I didn't have taste, but heard highly of the outcome. I made my mom's cheesy potatoes and a new jalapeno ranch dip (recipe coming later this week).

Before too long the little man will be ruling this playground!

We ventured out to the swings and slide with Thomas (Mom and Dad, too). The boy loved it! I was able to grab a few adorable shots of him - I mean, they're all adorable, I'm only sharing a few with you here. I'm excited for the weather to get nicer (and the days to get longer) so we can take him on walks and other parks...maybe even a picnic or two :)

Uncle Mike thinking about what remote-controlled four-wheeler he is going to buy for Thomas,
since the batteries died in the little race car they were playing with.