Friday, February 22, 2013

Momentarily Obsessed With

1.  I absolutely need this dress in my wardrobe. Although, I have no idea why I really love it that much. The whole mesh part really isn't me. At all. But the open back and sharp angles of the dress just make me want to buy it a throw a party just to have an excuse to wear it. Oh, and goes for most of the dresses on this web site. That's a lot of parties...

2. whales  As an avid lover of Goldfish, I was a little leary about trying these Whales I found at the Dollar Tree. Now, I'm a total believer. And I have been making my case for Whales for quite some time now. They are cheesier, saltier and crunchier than Goldfish (and cheaper since you can buy them at the $1 store :).

3. vintage cookbooks  Lately I have been hoarding these old books. I eventually plan on making cards out of them, but I can't seem to bring myself to cut them up just yet. The concoctions some of these books contain are just outrageous and I love the old artwork. Last weekend I managed to buy four cookbooks for only $5. I was pretty pleased with myself.

4. cleveland clothing co.  How can you not love this shirt? Especially with St. Patrick's Day right around the corner! The Cleveland Clothing Co. makes the best Ohio garb I have seen yet and it's all printed on American Apparel shirts. If you're an Ohioan like me, be double sure to look through their shop - and blog - for some really unique gift ideas.

5. covered matchboxes  This is definitely a must-do for next month. Super easy and incredibly cute covered matchboxes. I would love to sketch out my Fairview Place food sets (via a photoshop filter) and use that to cover the boxes. It'd be a nice "free gift when you purchase" item.