Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Muse

We made it to the Handsome biscuit and I promise it's well worth the 15-(or 30-) minute wait!

There's nothing like a weekend with my mom - especially when I have her all to myself. We shop, we talk, we cook together and laugh together, we journey to new stores and restaurants and veg out on the couch. She plays with my hair and in return I make her dinner and make her bed, haha. This weekend was no exception. We packed it full with food, drinks, activities and a first for both of us - a Color Me Rad 5k. 60 years old and she's still running and getting colored corn starch thrown in her face, can you say that about your Mom?

It's becoming a tradition to hit up Total Wine for a mix-and-match six pack. Shiner Boch has out it's Summertime "Ruby Redbird" and I think it's my new favorite!

My mom and I both tried the Hot Betty from the Handsome Biscuit. It was unique in that the greens tasted like they were sauteed in about 19 cloves of garlic and sesame oil. Hiding underneath the greens was a fried egg and loads of hot sauce, mashed between a sweet potato biscuit. My mouth is watering just thinking back on it. 

Next we ran out to EcoTrends in Virginia Beach for the grand re-opening. Lyman, the owner of EcoTrends is a merchant at the Town Fair (and all-around awesome gal), so we went to support the lovely shop. Plus, my mom got to meet John and see his Glass Gardens display.

Another first for (all of) us, Smartmouth Brewery! I've been talking about stopping here for weeks, and we finally made it. We each did a tasting, my favorite was the Double IPA. Hmmm, wouldn't it be cool to have this in your neighborhood?!

We could just stop at one brewery, so we headed over to O'Connor's on 25th Street. We weren't sure they would be open, but to our surprise we landed a picnic table spot right in front of the band. They have a great wide-open space with corn hole and lots of standing room, so we'll definitely be back this Summer.



Sunday morning came with a harsh wind and brisk temps, but Melissa, my mom and I made our way to Virginia Beach to play in a bunch of colored corn starch. I'm so proud of my mom, she rocked that race like no one's business! And isn't she the cutest? Melissa, I'm also proud of you for your training dedication, will are definitely doing this next year - in a toga :)

Another wonderful weekend with my Momma, maybe one day the weekends won't end and you can come over every weekend!