Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Musebles

I kicked off the weekend with our Divaris Website Launch Party. Or, most commonly known to all the employees as jeans day and happy hour after work. I was pushing for the launch party, so this will have to do. We had our fair share of drinks and apps at Yardhouse to ring in the site - I promise you that!

The rest of the weekend was filled with rain (or threatening rain), crafts, art and large white tents. I hit up the Boissevain Bazaar on Saturday morning. What a great show! More than 10 local vendors showed up to display their goods in the parking lot behind With Lavender & Lace. I talked with Kelsie (owner of WL&L) and she is planning on doing more of these popup craft shows. Why not, right?

On my walk back I passed this tiny little house with a makeshift porch from old shutter doors. How cute is that? 

The second monthly Town Fair and Stockley Gardens proved to be.... meh.... just okay. The weather really wasn't on our side for the Town Fair. And the only thing I couldn't live without from Stockley was a bag of kettle corn.

Another dreary night from our friend's balcony at Shore Drive. I would really appreciate it if Mother Nature would give May a good talking to and bring on a proper Sunny Spring! Fingers crossed for next weekend!