Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Color Therapy: Peach & Coral

I'm trying to hard to believe in Spring. That it's here. That it's warm. But today certainly isn't helping. Maybe a Spring Hue will help? How about this warm peach and coral? Making you feel a little balmy? Then read on! 

I'm really digging contrasting pillow assortments. One day I'm going to cover that leather couch with random-print pillows...probably one day when Mike is out of town :)

Will definitely need some shades for those sunny days ahead.

Never thought I'd say this, but I absolutely love the peach Carnation and Airplant combination. I think I know a guy who could get me a great deal on the plants...and the flowers should be a breeze.

My apron is adorable, but I wouldn't mind something a little more protective and crisp.

This sweet accessory would certainly liven up my black-filled wardrobe.

A vintage dresser updo with coral and gold? That would help freshen and brighten any room.

Never realized I needed a new camera strap...until now...

You're never too old (too young, too girlie or too boyish) to have a Rifle Alphabet Print hanging on your wall.

What is cuter than fluffy sheep and turquoise trees? A wallet made of this pattern! 

Love this idea of mix-matched glasses, and using the peach drink and straws to tie it all together. Plus, I already have the teal table :)