Monday, June 23, 2014

#7: Visit Friends

Last Wednesday we packed up the car with golf clubs, felt and a suitcase of clothes, downloaded 28 podcasts and headed to Charlotte, North Carolina. While I was a little worried about the timing being bad (work and personal reasons), it couldn't have been a more fantastic trip. Mike and Hayden won their golf flight - and second overall in the tournament. I had a successful trip at Ikea and Hobby Lobby, where I nerded out on crafty goodness. I spent an entire day with strangers in a hot pink limo with eye lashes! And possibly the highlight of the trip (yes, after all of that it gets better), seeing Hayden's face when we asked him if he'd marry us. So. Very. Exciting.

#38: Podcasts (which have been also very useful while running)

#86: Play Cards

#13: Freebie: Ride in a Hot Pink Limo with eye lashes

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