Monday, June 23, 2014

#54: Interview Caterers

So far, this has been the most annoying part of wedding planning. Although, I think I said that about the venue decision. However, the caterers are pretty the main act of the show. We decided with such a late wedding, we were going to do hors d'oeuvre stations with a big dessert bar, which would be made and provided by friends. How hard (or expensive) could hors d'oeuvre stations be? Apparently, very. Especially when you add in the linens, dishes, serving ware, bar ware, tables, chairs...and the list goes on and on.

We talked with Omar's Carriage House, East Beach Catering and Cusiene and Company and ultimately decided on Omar's. We did a tasting last night with Omar himself and it was perfect. He let us taste 10 different items, which I think we'll be serving almost all of! I loved that everything, down to the cocktail sauce, is made right there and was super fresh. It was also a huge plus that Omar wasn't trying to sell to us. He gave us his honest opinion and tips, and is more than willing to work with our somewhat intricate schedule. And seriously, his crab cake and mac 'n' cheese (bar) are to die for. We put down our deposit and are relieved that this task was such a delight.

Caterer can be checked off the 92 Days list and the Wedding list.

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