Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Farmville Part 3

Perhaps one of my favorite parts about the weekend was seeing the main house, which is more than 250 years old. I have heard so many stories about this place in the three years I've known Ryan, and none of them did it justice. The original house has been added onto many times, but the short door frames, square nails and human-sized fireplaces still remain. I also love this Buddha that I met in the flower garden.

This kitchen is just fantastic. It's the best "country farm kitchen" Pinterest would turn up in a search, but I'm pretty sure neither homeowner knows what Pinterest is. On the left is the oldest Silver Maple Tree in all of Virginia. 

As I mentioned in the previous post, Ryan's parents own a winery that was on their property. This was the old wine cellar under the house that is just wide enough to roll a wine barrel through. No one has been down there for years, so now it looks like something out of a fairy tale. Or The Walking Dead. 

A Koi pond and portrait of Tom.

We got a lesson on how to grow shiitake mushrooms and a little reading nook.

Who needs to go to the Farmer's Market when you can go straight to the Farm? We walked away with several pounds of tomatoes, fresh basil, cabbage, peppers and cucumbers (#6).


What a great weekend with friends and lots of pretty photos to capture it all. Thanks Farmville, see you next July! #60: Photo Story, check and check.

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