Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weekend Fun

Another weekend come and gone, and this was the last three-day weekend until the Summer is over. We definitely made the most of it with great friends, delicious food and lots of laughs. Thursday night we started with a Chesapeake Bay view and Scattergories.

#63: Play a Board Game
After our Summer Hurricane Arthur cleared up on Friday, we celebrated Independence Day with fresh clams and lobsters from Maine. Our friends Kristi and Carr are pros at dismembering these little guys, so we had a quick lesson and got to eating.

#28: Freebie: Eat Lobsters

Saturday morning we got the fun started early with a Bloody Mary Bar. Thanks to Harris Teeter, we grabbed a variety of appetizing additions for our beverages, which included: Zing Zang (the base), celery, feta cheese, pickles, jalapenos, garlic-stuffed olives, artichokes, Old Bay seasoning and hot sauce. I have to say, nothing beats sitting by a pool with a cold Bloody Mary and having not a care in the world!

#46: Blood Mary Bar

#62: Blow Bubbles

Here's Miss Sienna testing out the new bubble machine, which was a crowd pleaser. Turns out, kids can't resist trying to pop 500 bubbles floating in the air. For as much as we did the past four days, it was so nice to retreat to The Martin Resort (as we lovingly called it all weekend) and veg out with no plans other than to enjoy ourselves.

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