Tuesday, August 19, 2014

#57: Craft Show

Clockwise from top right: From Heather's Hands, Sincerely Stephanie, Kill Devil Skates and Of the Earth Body Care

We are down to just one Town Fair left for the 2014 season! Some adjustments were made to this year's programming, the biggest being the time. Recommendations were made from the merchants that the time be moved to later in the evening, which I totally agreed with and also that it should be on Friday nights. I think we were able to capture more of the leaving-work, happy hour crowd and play on the entertainment that the city books every weekend.

Top: Acara's Jewelry; Bottom Left: T&E Collar Shop; Bottom Right: Kado

We were able to gain more artists and involve the existing Town Center retailers for two "Fashion Friday" events. Each year we plan to introduce new and exciting attractions or ways to promote the participants. If you've ever been to a Town Fair, let me know your thoughts!

Clockwise from top right: Dockside Photography, Yoonique Designs, Sweet Indulgences by Tonja, Dwell Jewelry

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