Saturday, September 12, 2015

Plant Adventures Abroad

It's only been five months since our Honeymoon, but with all this extra time on my hands these days (ha), I figured it's about time I post some photos from our trip. This first photographic adventure is dedicated to my dear friend of Glass Gardens. He has traveled down many of the plant roads, but I think I found a few stops from our trip that would certainly impress him. From sidewalks to retail shops, the botanical scene wasn't easy to miss. Here we go!

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither were some of these magnificent ivy walls. From top left, shrubs and bushes in terra cotta pots to make an "alley" into an apartment building (Rome); hotel covered in Ivy (Rome); flowers in barrels to create a wall between a restaurant and a street (Bologna); ivy having from powers lines (Rome).

City shops and residents made up for the lack of green space by adding it to their entryways. Left, garland and hanging baskets (Venice); Right middle, herbs planted in wooden boxes adhered to entrance gate (Madrid); ivy and herbs scattered throughout a wire hanging plant box (Florence); Right bottom, shrub-looking plant trained to grow over a door (Siena).

There were an abundance of florists and markets to do your flower shopping. From top left, everything shop (Florence); florist shop (Bologna); florist shop (Bologna); open-air street market (Florence).

I couldn't count the number of times I tripped or stumbled - and not because of the delicious wine OR uneven cobblestones - because of the beauty you'd miss if you weren't looking UP. From top left, stunning purple fence box gardens (Rome); terrace gardening (Siena); waterfront gardening (Venice); covering ugly, barred windows with plants (Madrid); window gardening (Venice).

Plants in retail. From top left, cactus in glass houses; cactus in bird cages (Rome); crates on wheels for easy shopping at a market - with plants (Madrid); hanging plants and bicycles from the ceiling in Toma (Madrid)

More plants in retail. Left, hanging spider plant baskets INSIDE a food market (Madrid); Right top, clover plants in miniature pots (Rome); Right bottom, unique head pots with ferns and herbs (Rome).

A few curious plants. From Top left, algae and seaweed on steps leading into the Grand Canal (Venice); a giant plant fountain island in the Vatican (Vatican City); miniature green house at a botanical garden (Florence).