Sunday, April 24, 2016

Crafted at O'Connor Brewing

This year, Crafted added a Spring show to its lineup. I was pretty excited since I haven't participated in a big show since the very first Crafted - 2.5 years ago! There was no shortage of people that's for sure. However there were a shortage of buyers - for me at least. Not sure if people didn't have a reason to shop, or felt flowers weren't on their 'must-haves' list, but it wasn't my best show. I did get to see a lot of old and new friends, bought a beautiful new necklace and drank some delicious I really can't ask for more than that!

debut of con'FELT'i, an idea from the hubs after seeing my clippings all over the house.

brooches and hair clips are always my best sellers. this year i added several different back options,
so the brooches are very versatile.

also the debut of mini flower clothes pins. cute for hanging photos, attaching cards or organizing paperwork.