Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Self Portrait

I must have gone on hundreds of road trips in my life. New cities, girls weekend, camping trips, bus excursions, train rides...I'm fortunate the list goes on. As for preparing for any getaway I look forward to lots of sleep, good meals (both homemade and going out), tasty beverages, new memories with friends and a time of relaxation.

This weekend was no different. We packed up the car and headed to Beech Mountain to see our friends' new house. They brought their kids and Grandma, which to some of you that probably doesn't seem like a getaway...but these are the sort of kids that make the thought of having a few not so bad. Plus, Grandma loves babysitting so it's really a win-win.

Anyway, we filled each day to the brim. Magnificent views, sunbathing, soaks in the hot tub, a campfire and s'mores, animal sightings, even my very first ski lift ride (to a mountain-top bar with 360-degree views)! The concerns of farm signage, deadlines and design drain melted away. By the time Monday morning rolled around I convinced myself we need our own Mountain House about 16 times.

All good things must end, eventually... With two hours left in the drive home my stomach started to get that twinge of anxiety. The week ahead's to-do list starts forming and quickly begins overflowing with items. I used to have this feeling quite frequently, but within the last year it's gotten less and less. Maybe it's because I started saying 'No' more often. Maybe it's because I've just realized everything gets done eventually and nothing is really that big of a deal. Or, maybe it's because we've had
the opportunity to do little escapes like this more often. Regardless the reason, I took a deep breath and drove full-speed home...the next experience awaits.