Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October Self Portrait

For the last month I've been on what some call a "health kick." I've been waking up about a half hour earlier and going to the gym or working out from home, about five to seven days a week. I've been shopping weekly for fresh ingredients for my lunches and prepping them on Sundays (mostly variations of high protein salads with a pretty tasty homemade dressing, so nothing fancy). I'm drinking water - and I don't mean "more" water...I used to have about eight ounces of water a day to now about 70! I also pretty much cut out beer because the way it was making me feel and added more protein to my diet.

Mind you, I'm typically a pretty healthy eater and was working out about one to three times a week. Some feel that a 5' 2" girl who weighs 106 pounds doesn't need to be on a "health kick." And really, it's not. I'm tired of feeling blah about my body. About my clothes not fitting the way I'd prefer. I was tired of feeling like I was always making up for my terrible weekend bad eating and drinking habits.

But I feel like I have to explain all of this. Like there has to be some deeper reason or issue causing my shift in attitude and daily routine. There are a few personal reasons, all of which relate to me doing this for me.

As a 31 year old woman who may (or may not be) getting pregnant in the next year or so, I want to be in great shape so I can support a growing a baby. And bounce back to a healthy body.

My grandmother had, and now my mom is dealing with severe osteoporosis. Earlier this year my mom had to undergo hip surgery because of a fracture. Why not do anything in my power to make my body stronger to possibly prevent or defend against such diseases?

I've been listening to my body and doing what feels good! I'm feeling stronger, I'm feeling better about how I fit in my clothes. I'm also feeling pretty proud of waking up at damn 5:30 so many days a week and sticking to this! So I'm going to keep soaking up this motivation while I can and see where it takes me.