Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wedding Wednesdays: The Shower

Outside the Shabby Hollow

These days I'm only lucky enough to make it home once or twice a year (home being Alliance, Ohio, where I grew up and almost all of my side of the family resides). I was excited for both myself and my Mom for the idea of the Bridal Shower. I was looking forward to seeing all of my aunts, cousins and family friends, and catch up on the Alliance - and wedding - gossip.

The Grove Girls, or The Panel as we lovingly call the guests at Buni's house on Saturday mornings

For my Mom, it was something so much more. Living nine hours away from your family, in general, is hard. But planning a wedding via text messages, Facetime, emails and Pinterest is just brutal. My Mom was a Godsend when it came to decision-making, flower critiques and keeping every detail straight. So with the shower, I felt this was her time to shine. Every decoration, color, snack or drink was up to her (except for the games...why are there always SO many games?!). I can't say I was completely surprised with the outcome, only because it's my Mom and I knew this shower would be spectacular...but it also couldn't have been more perfect for me!

Opening presents, the party-planning committee (Debbie, Aunt pat and Serena),
Checking out the Mimosa situation, and the overall cuteness of the cottage

The shower was held at The Shabby Hollow, a small cottage outside of Alliance built completely out of found materials around town. The quaint one bedroom abode is decorated with antiques including several gorgeous handmade quilts. My Mom personalized the event with custom-made invitations from my dear friend, and bridesmaid, Shawn.

Homemade bird feeders, Pinterest - take notes!

All the linens, serving dishes and vases were my Grandmother's. My Mom handmade heart-shaped bird seed feeders and the little cake toppers I had been obsessing over for months (with matching bridemaids birdies as well!), ordered Mars candy bars from overseas, displayed both my grandparent's wedding photos and homemade buckeyes and chocolate truffles as well.

The to-die for cakes, handmade cake toppers and family photos

Not to mention, she served all my favorite foods and my Aunt Jodie ordered two delicious cakes (pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting and almond cake with a raspberry filling and coconut frosting, um, YUM!) from the best bakery in town. She's insane ... and completely amazing.

Momma and sisterly love

The whole weekend was overwhelmingly remarkable. Family, friends, old traditions, new beginnings. I also have to give a big thanks to Deb, Mike's stepmom. We had planned on flying to Ohio for the shower, but at the very last minute our flights got cancelled and we had to make the nine-hour road trip. She was a total trooper. We managed to get all the gifts in the car so the HTB and I could start making use of the waffle maker and loads of other much-appreciated gifts we received. They say nothing brings together a family like a wedding, and for this particular weekend, I couldn't have agreed more.

Deb, Addy, Me, my Mom and my Aunt Pat