Sunday, June 7, 2015

Potted: A Plant Pop Up Shop


I think I can say our Summer pop up shop was a complete success. John was awarded the 2,500 square foot space, along with local fashion designer, Melissa Gumley of ADHD Driven, for five days. Did I mention it was free? Yep!

We took two nights to set up our retail shop and opened Friday morning at 10am. Succulents, cactus and airplants. Sewing classes. Accessories. Artwork. Dresses, shirts and tanks. The most popular feature? Terrarium Classes. John probably taught more than 50 people throughout the weekend how to build a little (or sometimes big) plant home.

We also debuted the Glass Gardens Terrarium Kits and buttons! 

#6: Pop up shop  //  #33: Help a Friend  //  #83: Glass Gardens Buttons

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