Thursday, November 1, 2012

Costume Breakdown

I finally got my wish. The dragon and knight costumes. I've been asking Mike to do this since we first met and finally (four years later) we transformed ourselves - and seven of our friends - into the most awesome medieval court I've ever seen. See what a little convincing can do?!

Mike's costume was actually handmade from his father's girlfriend quite a few years back. Talented lady, right? At the last minute we realized he didn't have a sword or shield so Shawn (who flew in from Portland for the occasion) and I whipped them up out of beer boxes and aluminum foil.

Shawn claimed the Jester costume early on in the process. She bought the dress from a thrift store and made all of her accessories! Can you believe that? I absolutely adore the shoes (which had bells at one point). And her mini Jester hat is actually made from a yogurt container - definitely my favorite part of the costume. We made her staff from a wrapping paper tube while watching The Addams Family (part II) and eating quesadillas. What a glorious evening.

As for my costume, it took a little more work. I bought the dress at Burlington Coat Factory for $15. I found a children's dragon cape costume at a thrift store ($7), but shortly realized I couldn't just wear that and call it a day. So I got wings from the Dollar Tree ($1) and added cereal boxes, coat hangers, pipe cleaners, green fleece ($2) and the cape material. I created the mask from a paper mache base I bought at Target ($2), and collaged it with crepe paper ($1) and the cape fabric using Modge Podge. The shoes are also from a thrift store ($1.50) and I spray painted them ($4) to match. Finally, I used the leftover cape material to make little hand covers (velcro and a pipe cleaner ring kept them on). So I was right around $35 for the entire costume. One of the more expensive costumes I made lately...but the dress is pretty kickass so I'll get some use of that.