Wednesday, November 28, 2012

God has called this beautiful soul to heaven.

Throughout the years I’ve written a lot of posts about my Grandma Barb.

Her recipes (slush, coleslaw , peach cobbler and scalloped potatoes), her recipe-box-inspired cookbook, the cute pig cookies, DIY cosmetic bags and scarves, naming my store after her and my feelings about her first getting sick.

My favorite by far, were the photos I took in her house a couple years back. The whole time she was skeptical of my intent to take these photographs, giving me a crooked eye and getting up once to follow me with her walker. I knew one day these photographs would mean more than most photos I take. Sadly, that day is today. Grandma Barb passed away a little after 2 p.m.

It's amusing how my normal daily activities have reminded me of funny and joyful memories of my Grandma the last couple days. Like the time I dyed her hair (I was about 8) and used her ears to turn her head, you know to make sure the dye was everywhere. Or when we played putt-putt and lied about our scores to my Grandfather - which he totally called us out on. How, for the longest time, she didn't believe I was her granddaughter because I didn't like chocolate! And when we spent days in her damp basement making baby doll clothes that I ended up using for my stuffed kitty cat. Moments I hadn't thought about in years, but make me smile and grateful for the thousands of memories I have just like those.

In the next several days we'll be planning to say good-bye to her in a way she'd appreciate. But, I have to keep reminding myself this isn't a time to be sad, it's a celebration of her amazing life. In her 85 years she managed to travel to 49 states (and has pictures to prove it)! She never had a bad word to say about anyone. Okay, well maybe one (but it would be so quiet and hush that you wouldn't be able to hear it...for some reason that's the way women in my family talk about others?). She was an avid reader, knitter, sweets connoisseur, great care-package-sender and all-around cheerful person. It goes without say, but we'll all miss her dearly. I feel comfort in knowing I have an amazing angel looking over me now.