Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Momentarily Obsessed With...

1. scarf  While I am so very ready to give up these warm-weather clothes and slip on a little sundress, I do absolutely adore this scarf from System 63. It's such a timeless piece I could see myself wearing for years to come.

2. downton abbey  Yes, I was obsessed. And honestly, a little disappointed! I told Mike that nothing really happened this season, to which he responded, "Does anything ever really happen?" Let's spice it up next season!

3. spk  So what if I bought a bag of Sour Patch Kids and ate them in one sitting. Don't we deserve to lose our taste buds and feel like a jelly, chewy kid every once and a while? I think so.

4. infinity bangle  What would one month be without swooning over a pretty piece of jewelry? Now that I have my fantastic jewelry mirror armoire, I can see in what departments I'm lacking. Bracelets and stud earrings. I'm sure you can imagine what next month will bring.

5. business cards  Even though I'm not halfway through the box of business cards I bought three years ago, it's time for my them to get a new look. I need something a little more dramatic, yet fun and funky...just like me :)